About Nexus

The door of the Nexus EnergyHome opens to a world of possibilities...

The Nation’s Leader in High-Performance Home Building

Nexus EnergyHomes is the national leader in High-Performance home building, championing a revolutionary shift in the way homes are built in America today.  

Nexus’ mission is designed to move America toward a green, fossil-free or low-emission status, and offers freedom from rising electric and fuel costs and projected electricity shortages, making the United States less dependent on foreign fuel producers and suppliers. 

The Nexus EnergyHome provides every new home-buyer with the opportunity to own a home that meets Net Zero Standards —a home that offers the ability to be figuratively “off the grid” and produce as much energy as it consumes. 

After years of research and testing with the NAHB, and through Nexus' complex construction process using proprietary designs, innovative materials, and the very best of modern technologies, we have developed a game-changing proposition never before offered to the American homeowner.  Our pre-designed and custom single-family, townhomes and duplexes boast Net-Zero energy technology, health and wellness benefits, and the revolutionary communication platform, NexusVision Smart System

Simply put, Nexus EnergyHomes is the first company to make the best technologies in home building work together in perfect harmony, and at a rate competitive with conventional homes currently on the market.