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NEXUS EnergyHomes℠ has built the most Emerald certified homes in the country. Explore the "Emerald City", North Pointe or a Nexus GeoSolar Community™ near you, Energyze® your Custom Dream Home, or discover our Featured Home projects.

NEXUS EnergyHomes℠ Feature:

  • Geothermal (ground sourced) heat pumps
  • Photovoltaic solar panels
  • Super insulated building shells
  • NEXUSVision™ Smart Systems
  • Energy-Star rated appliances
  • NEXUS CleanAir filtration systems
  • Smog-eating technology (optional)

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When we walked in the model home, we could immediately tell that the house was well-constructed. The quietness of the interior, the thickness of the exterior walls, and the coolness made a huge impression, especially because it was 100 degrees outside.
- Ben and Annalynne Reddington, NEXUS EnergyHome Owners